Dear Patients,

We are introducing a new product called OraVerse, which will rapidly reverse the lingering numbness of the lip and tongue from local dental anesthetic. Numbness from a local anesthetic is something most of you are used to when visiting the dentist. But lingering numbness can be limiting, affecting your speech, your smile, and your ability to eat and drink. You may even catch yourself drooling. For your children, it can be very uncomfortable and hard to under-stand. Children tend to play with their numb lip by sucking on it, pulling on it and even biting it. This causes bruising and swelling of the lip which can take a week or two to heal properly once injured.

Studies report that the length of time a child will be numb can be decreased by at least 50%. OraVerse patients can smile, speak and drink normally and drooling is minimalized.

We think this will make your child's experience after dental procedures much better and make their experience at the dentist a positive one. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or discuss with us during your child's next appointment.

Dr. Cristina B Georgescu and Dr. Eileen Dano Calamia